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Sunday Selfies: Week #153


Sunday Selfie


Do you recognize me? I don’t make an appearance very often. I normally don’t call too much attention to myself; though, I have been asking for a bit more attention lately. To find out more about that, please come back on Wordless Wednesday when I will be here again.

Mom was pretty excited a few days ago when she saw Astrid and me touching noses. I didn’t hiss. Astrid didn’t scream. No paws were lifted, and we both walked away with all our furs intact. Mom says that all this hot weather has made us lethargic and uninterested in putting out the effort it takes to have a disagreement. We’ve even been caught sharing the cat tree. Photographic evidence may exist on Dad’s camera. If it does, Astrid or I will share in a future post.

If you are unfamiliar with Astrid’s and my story, you can read this paragraph. I shared my kitty mom with Astrid and her brother who were abandoned as babies. We lived together in a foster home and Mom and Dad adopted us together. Astrid and I were the best of friends and loved each other dearly. Then poof…one day we decided we hated each other. No event prompted this as far as our humans know, and we aren’t talking. Anyhoo, I’m not saying we will be friends again, but we did have a momentary truce.

Sunday selfie badgeNow that I have shared my selfie, it is time to share one of your own. All critters and anipals are encouraged and welcome to join. You don’t have to be a pet or domesticated animal. We totally enjoy meeting and greeting new and unusual entrants. The link to add your selfie to the hop is below. You also can find the code there to add the hop to your blog post. If you do this, would you be so kind as to add our badge to your post and/or link back to The Cat on My Head.


Blog the Change for Animals

Yesterday was the day to participate in this event, which encourages bloggers to spread the word about and to inspire others to help animals in need. When Mom remembers, we try to take part. Obviously, she didn’t remember. But Lola and Lexy’s mom, Dawn, from Lola the Rescued Cat, didn’t forget. She wrote a terrific post about PAWS of Connecticut. We definitely think it is worth reading if you haven’t done so. Here’s the link too the post, Pet Animal Welfare Society. Photos of our previous sponsored-cat, Swizzle, and our current sponsored-cat, Charlotte, are included in the post.

Have an easy Sunday everybody. I sure hope it isn’t too hot where you live.

Purrs and paw-pats, Lisbeth (with kisses for my boyfriend Charles)





As part of Blog the Change, we are excited to share the following information with you from Barn Cat Buddies (Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo’s alma mater).

Thanks to a generous grant from the McCausland Foundation, Barn Cat Buddies announces The FREE Feline FIX! The goal is to spay/neuter/rabies vaccinate approximately 600 felines this winter totally FREE to cat/kitten owners AND caretakers of managed colonies. The mission is to hugely impact the number of litters that would be surrendered to local pounds and shelters this spring and summer.

Making this an incredible offering for cat owners/caretakers is the lack of restrictions to taking advantage of this opportunity.

1. No income requirement.
2. No zip code requirement
3. No limit to the number of cats per household and
4. Open to community (feral) cats as long as a caretaker is feeding and monitoring the cat or colony.

PLEASE NOTE: This grant ONLY covers the cost of a spay or neuter, rabies vaccine and ear tip for cats in traps. The surgeries will be performed at Angels of Assisi (our Santa Kitty Toy Hop recipients). If the Assisi medical staff determines a feline needs additional medical treatment, that is the responsibility of the pet owner. To apply simply call the Barn Cat Buddies hotline at 504-344-8707 ext. 3* do not leave your message on Assisi’s line please.

Please spread the word through social media!