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Got Mice? is the slogan for Barn Cat Buddies (the TNR/Rescue group for which Mom volunteers). Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Josette were all adopted from BCB. And Astrid has taken mouse hunting and catching as her personal responsibility. If you have not been following our Mouse in the House posts, you can do so by clicking on these links: Wordless Wednesday: Mouse in the House, Mouse in the House Part 2 and Mouse in the House Part 3.

The humans are extremely thankful that she is so diligent in her duties. After deading the large mouse that had taunted her and the rest of us, the humans thought the house was without a mouse. So imagine their surprise when they noticed Astrid standing on her hind legs juggling a mouse above her head. As Dad jumped up to grab a paper towel and then the mouse, Mom demanded he get some photos first. Of course, he missed the juggling, and the photos he did get weren’t great, but here’s the proof of Astrid’s pawsome mousing skills.

Mauricio, Astrid and The Mouse.

Mauricio, Astrid and The Mouse.

Mauricio inspects the prey. You can see the mouse tail to the right of his nose.

Mauricio inspects the prey. You can see the mouse tail to the right of his nose.

When Dad picked up the mousey, he discovered that the little fellow was not dead and so deposited it outside. Hope that little mousey learned his lesson and doesn’t try to sneak in again. We don’t think he will be so lucky next time.

None of us, including our humans, have any idea where Astrid is finding these mice. We’re delighted ’cause we think it is great fun to stalk and tease mousies. The humans are glad to have such a dedicated mouser in the house.

Now that the weather is warming up, we suspect we won’t see any more critters until next winter, but we feel certain that Astrid will remain on alert nonetheless.

Purrs and paw-pats, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo 


DSC01835Remember this little fellow? The kitties were quite surprised to find this adorable little squeaker in the house a couple of weeks ago. But no more surprised than we were. With eight cats, we normally don’t get too many mousies venturing onto our premises. In fact, we couldn’t figure out the attraction, until Tom found the bag and a half of Purina Cat Chow I had stored in the pantry and forgotten all about. If you missed our mouse posts, click here to read Part 1 and here to read Part 2.


When Lisbeth was having her urinary problems, Dr. Neel prescribed Hill’s CD formula, which we have been feeding ever since. When we switched over, I stowed the Cat Chow in the pantry just to get it out of the way. Though we keep our dry food in sealed containers, this food was in the bags as we weren’t using it.

And so now you know why we had a mouse in the house. The mystery remains as to what happened to him.

The bags have been sealed with my extra special Hello Kitty duct tape and will be delivered tomorrow to Barn Cat Buddies (the TNR/Rescue group for which I volunteer) to either feed fosters or one of the feral colonies. I am quite sure none of those kitties will mind that a couple small holes were chewed into the bags.


It is a known fact that I DO NOT play! I shun the Play Circuit track toy and the Cat’s Meow. Feather toys annoy and scare me. And forget the red dot. It moves too fast, and too many of my fursibs are charging through the house in a pack trying to catch it. And they don’t care who is in their path. At best, I will sit on the stairs and watch them.

But wait…what is this? It’s a red dot. It’s moving about the room all on its own. Mom is not controlling and whipping it around sending all the morons other cats into a frenzy. How could this be?

Here it comes…I'm ready!

Here it comes…I’m ready!

Hey, look everybody. I caught the dot.

Hey, look everybody. I caught the dot. (Please forgive the blurry quality of this photo. Mom’s photographic abilities are not always up to par.)

Hey, it’s a new toy, and it generates a slower and more erratic red dot. Mom is no where in sight and my competition seems to be holding back a little. Dot, do you want me to play? You do. Well, maybe just a little.

Wow, this is fun. Watch out dot, here I come!

Hey, dot, where did you go?

Hey, dot, where did you go?

This Independent Gyrating Red Dot Generator* (my name for it) makes a crazy whirring sound. When I hear it, I come running from wherever I am in the house. I think the other cats hold back a little (though they do play sometimes) when they hear this ’cause most of them don’t like strange noises. Yippee for me ’cause I don’t mind! I will even let Chris (our housekeeper) bring the vacuum right up to my toes without budging.

Unfortunately, Calista Jo decided she wanted to play during this particular session. As she is young and rambunctious, I deferred to her pouncing playfulness.

Calista watches the red dot draw near, and...

Calista watches the red dot draw near

…and sweep right across her paws.

…and sweep right across her paws.











Sorry, red dot! It was fun while it lasted and, I know we will be together again soon.

Purrs and Paw-pats, Giulietta

Blog of The Year 2013 AwardNow for a few words from Mom: I had promised a while back to award the 2013 Blog of the Year Award to anyone needing just one star in order to have all six. I heard from only one kitty, Oui Oui from Twinkletoe Tails. So…here is your final star, Oui Oui. And hint, hint…we only need one more star to have all six as well.

Several of you left comments on our attention-getting Easy Like Sunday: Full Stools post about where your mind went (and it wasn’t to furniture) when you read that headline. That’s pretty much what I expected and was surprised more of the commenters didn’t say that.

Our bag lady, Astrid, wanted me to tell you about her bag. It’s the only one she has selected for napping. I believe this is because it is the insulated grocery bag which has all the Barn Cat Buddies adoption binders, paperwork and thank you notes. I believe she thinks by sleeping in that bag she can prevent me from working on anything that has to do with other kitties.

Product Details* This is the toy I recently purchased for the kitties.

FroliCat BOLT Interactive Laser Pet Toy

A final few words from Giulietta: Mom was not being as generous as she wants you to believe. Though I am especially grateful, I know she purchased this because she is just plain L-A-Z-Y. One of her New Year’s Promises was to actively play with us everyday. Now she and Dad think they can turn this thing on for several 15-minute sessions per day, and we will all be purrfectly happy, and she will be keeping her promise.

Note to Mom: N-O-T!


A few days ago I found Astrid in the guest room looking out the window. She had a view of the side yard. This is a view the kitties normally do not have as the guest room is off-limits, unless a guest invites them into the room.

Currently, however, the guest room is disassembled and the door has remained open. A few days ago a new plaster wall and ceiling were installed and repairs made to the remaining walls. It is now waiting to be painted.

It seemed like an opportunity to get a photo or two of Astrid, who is usually less than cooperative. She normally closes her eyes or tilts her head down. To my amazement, she decided to pose for me.


She even gave me a couple of tock shots that I had hoped to use today, but they were too dark. I apologize that the photos in the collage are a little blurry and dark, but I took them with my iPhone. I knew if I went downstairs to get a camera, she would be long gone when I returned.

The photo below is what Astrid did while I put this post together. (She actually was asleep most of the time.) This is pretty much how I spend my day; though, Astrid is not always the cat camped in my lap. However, she is the smallest and lightest one!

Image 9

I apologize that this post somehow was published with the incorrect title and prior to being completed. If you are a subscriber and got two e-mails, your first e-mail has an incomplete post. I am sure it must have been Astrid’s fault.



Lisbeth’s Baby Photo 



Astrid’s Baby Photo

 Birthday cake animation


 Astrid and Lisbeth Today

Angels, it is hard to believe that nearly two years have passed since we met you and you came to live with us and the other Kitties Blue. You were both so small; though, Astrid, back then you were bigger than Lisbeth. But whereas you have remained itty-bitty, Lisbeth has grown into a substantial cat.

We wish you had stayed as close to each other as you were when we brought you home. Maybe as you weren’t true siblings (though raised by the same mom), it makes a difference to the two of you. Even though you have gone your separate ways, we love you both equally and plan on you being in our lives well into the future.

Love, Mom and Dad 


P.S. Don’t forget about the following call for submissions. You only have a couple more days before the deadline.

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The book team requires the following for submission:

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Remember to include any stories that highlight your cat’s unique personality and expresses how much he/she means to you!


Deadline for submissions is 8/20/13.


Before actually getting to our post, I want to thank all of you for the condolences for Sara Stein and her family left on our last post, “Flood Photos.” The post has been shared with the folks at Barn Cat Buddies. It, along with your kind words and prayers, will be shared with Sara when she returns from Tennessee, where Craig will be buried. The blogging community consists of the most caring, giving, loving and supportive individuals I have met anywhere in my lifetime.

With sincere gratitude, Janet

Now to the business at hand.

We are so excited to have received another award. Mom’s a little embarrassed since we just received one a few days ago. Don’t get us wrong, she loves the positive reinforcement and the fact that we have readers who like our blog.

Thank you to Beverly Harvey at moggiepurrs for passing it on to us.

Here are the rules:

1. Display the award.

2. Link back to the person who nominated you.

3. Nominate 10 others who have positively impacted your WordPress experience.

4. Let your WordPress family members know they’ve been nominated.

5. That’s it! Contact your 10 people who have accepted you as a “cyber friend” and let them know the good news!

We don’t believe we will be able to find ten blogs that we follow who are WordPress users who have not already received this award. Especially helpful to us when we’ve encountered problems have been Terry and kitties at Brian’s Home. We know that they already have this award!

♦ TWOCATSVIEWS ♦ HotMBC (House of Mostly Black Cats) ♦ Bailey Boat Cat ♦ grandmasmad3ringcircus ♦ Bark and Chatter ♦ The (mis)Adventure of Sage ♦ Savannah’s Paw Tracks ♦

If Mom wasn’t embarrassed enough, she received yet another award a day or two after the WordPress one. She will post about that later in the week.

We want to thank all of you who read our blog and especially those who leave comments. It warms our furry little hearts.

Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Josette



I know this is a blog about cats and ninety-five percent of the time it actually is. Though this post appears to have no connection whatsoever to felines, it actually does. I will explain at the conclusion of this post.

After days and days of it raining cats, dogs, otters, guinea pigs, squirrels, parrots, emus and flamingos, the Roanoke Valley, VA, flooded for the third time this spring/summer. We are currently running 12 inches over the normal rainfall for the entire year.

Image 11

This is the Roanoke River. Tom took this photo three blocks from our house.


This bridge is in the same area. It crosses over the river about 20 feet above the river bed. It is part of the Roanoke Greenway and on our tandem route.

Image 8

Another view of the bridge. Though the water has receded, this bridge is closed due to buckled and broken asphalt leading to it.

Image 9

This is one of the low-water bridges we normally cross. The word on the part of the sign that’s underwater is “FLOODING.”

Unfortunately, one person lost their life during this flood. That person was the husband of Sara Stein, the President of our area TNR organization (Barn Cat Buddies) with which I am affiliated. He drowned Thursday while trying to clear a culvert drain in an attempt to keep the rising waters from reaching their home. Craig Ricker leaves not only Sara but also three step-sons, aged 10 to 18.

Please keep Sara, Sam, Jesse and Charlie in your prayers. Anyone wanting to make a donation to help Sara and her family or any of the foster kitties, can do so on the Barn Cat Buddies Facebook page.


Not too long ago I signed up at Your Daily Cute to be a kitty transport driver. This weekend, I was called into service for the first time to do a leg of a trip from Florida to Maine, where those being transported will have a better opportunity for adoption and not be euthanized. The transport consisted of 12 kitties in five carriers and enough paraphernalia to set up a small town.

Shakira and George

Shakira and George

I had planned to do this on my own until traffic delays on other legs pushed my leg about an hour and forty-five minutes behind. This meant I would be returning home in the dark. Driving at night is not something I am fond of doing so my wonderful spouse, Tom, volunteered to accompany me. I think he actually was afraid that all the kitties might not get passed on to the next driver, especially after he saw my Comment about the beautiful gray and white kitten, Shakira, on Your Daily Cute.

Janet and Debbie at transfer in Roanoke. Debbie is holding the PTU containing the Ginger Nuggets: Chester, Cheeto and Frito.

Janet and Debbie at transfer in Roanoke. Debbie is holding the PTU containing the Ginger Nuggets: Chester, Cheeto and Frito.





If Debbie, who handed off to us had her way, she would have absconded with tuxie, George, the PTU companion of Shakira. Katie, the driver following us probably would have questioned why she was getting an empty PTU and only ten kitties.

Anyway, things went great. By the time we picked up the kitties, all had been traveling for nearly two days and seemed pretty tuckered out, except Maggie, a tiger kitten and part of the Simpsons: Mom Marge (tabby), Lisa (tortie) and Bart (ginger). She and I had a few rounds of smacky paw through the door of the PTU before she and her siblings settled down to have a meal from Marge and then a good snooze.

The final kitty was Ellie, a lovely, white and ginger female, who was headed for her furever home.

The Simpsons: Mom Marge, tortie Lisa, tabby Maggie and ginger Bart.

The Simpsons: Mom Marge, Lisa, Maggie and Bart.

Our transfer to Katie, holding Maine coon Thea and Siamese Linxie,before beginning the final leg of the day.

Our transfer to Katie, holding Maine Coon Thea and Siamese Linxie, prior to beginning the final leg of the day.

I volunteered to do this as I am unable to foster kitties from the local group, Barn Cat Buddies, that I support. Demando-cat, Mauricio, with his extreme jealousy would make our lives (kitties and humans) miserable if we had a bunch of itty bitty kittens here.

And I think it will actually give me the occasional kitten fix all of us who love cats seem to crave once in a while. So as Tom calls it, The Underground Kitty Railroad has a couple more drivers.




I’m really just saving my strength for a little later so I can pawty. Why? Because I am one-year-old today. I can hardly believe it. It seems like I arrived only yesterday and met all my meowmates for the first time. I was just an itty-bitty kitten and now I am all grown up.

One of our nip plants and a bag of dried nip. Don't worry that we might run out before you arrive, there's more of both.

One of our nip plants and a bag of dried nip. Don’t worry that we might run out before you arrive, we have lots more of both.

I personally checked the fresh catnip and the quality is A+. Purrfect to serve my guests.

I personally checked the fresh catnip and the quality is A+. Purrfect to serve to my guests.

Mom says that we aren’t going to have a big pawty ’cause that would be a strain on our dad’s wallet with eight of us. But…I can invite as many of you over as I like for some fresh nip or, if you prefer, dried nip. We’ve got enough for efurrybuddy, so I hope you’ll join us.

Mom did ask me if there was anything special I wanted for my birthday. I meowed a resounding, “YES.” As you all know June is Adopt-a-Cat Month, and for me, the most impawtent thing today is finding a good home for my sisfurs, Ellie and DeeDee. They still live with the best foster mom in the entire world, Mom Diane with Barn Cat Buddies, but they’d really like a furever home like I have and our brofur, Bobby, has.

Ellie and DeeDee

Here they are. Don’t you think they are pretty? Look at those incredible stripes! They are a little shy and are a bonded pair, meaning they have to go to the same home. They are good with dogs if you already have a woofie at your house. They currently live in Hardy, Virginia, but my mom would be willing to arrange transport if necessary so that they could have a wonderful furever home. You can find out more about them on the Barn Cat Buddies website by clicking on the link in the preceding paragraph or by going to PetFinder from that link.

CRIME SCENEIn celebration of my birthday, Mom gave me permission to offer a surprise prize to the first cat, dog, human, parrot, ferret, groundhog, mongoose or whoever, in the USA or Canada, to correctly identify (Mom warns, “Be specific.”) what lurks beneath the hand and paper towel in this crime scene photo. Only one guess per household please. Just leave us your guess, along with any birthday wishes you might like to impart, in a Comment. No need for an e-mail address unless you don’t have a blog. If you do and you win, we’ll hunt you down!

Hope lots of you come by to celebrate…no need to bring presents and no one will be required to wear a party hat, but I will provide tiaras for any of the girls or cross-dressing boys who would like one. MOL!

Purrs and hugs, Calista Josette