Angels of Assisi



The tuxies around here are not the only ones who can get their snoozes on. The torties and humans know how to nap just as well as tuxies. With the humans being retired, plenty of opportunities arise for an afternoon lie down. But no good nap goes unaccompanied as evidenced below.




It would appear that I am not as adorable in my sleep as Calista Jo. I suspect none of you are looking at me but if you are, STOP IT RIGHT NOW! Concentrate on Calista’s tortilicious furs and large, kissable toes.

World Spay Day

World Spay Day is an annual campaign of The HSUS, Humane Society International and the Humane Society Veterinary Medical Association. On the last Tuesday of February, they call attention to spay/neuter as a way to save the lives of companion animals, community (feral and stray) cats, and street dogs who are likely to be put down in shelters or killed on the street. The 21st annual World Spay Day is today. Spread the message!

This is what’s been happening at our local no-kill shelter, Angels of Assisi.


Angels of Assisi's photo.


Sunday Selfies Blog Hop Thank You

What a terrific hop we had this weekend. We had our best turn-out to date with 56 participants (including ourselves). And thanks to The Island Cats, a squirrel joined our hop for the first time. Thank you so much to everyone who joins us and supports this endeavor. It is far more successful than we ever anticipated. Hope to see you back this coming Sunday. And, if you have the opportunity, please tell all your friends how much fun it is!






As part of Blog the Change, we are excited to share the following information with you from Barn Cat Buddies (Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo’s alma mater).

Thanks to a generous grant from the McCausland Foundation, Barn Cat Buddies announces The FREE Feline FIX! The goal is to spay/neuter/rabies vaccinate approximately 600 felines this winter totally FREE to cat/kitten owners AND caretakers of managed colonies. The mission is to hugely impact the number of litters that would be surrendered to local pounds and shelters this spring and summer.

Making this an incredible offering for cat owners/caretakers is the lack of restrictions to taking advantage of this opportunity.

1. No income requirement.
2. No zip code requirement
3. No limit to the number of cats per household and
4. Open to community (feral) cats as long as a caretaker is feeding and monitoring the cat or colony.

PLEASE NOTE: This grant ONLY covers the cost of a spay or neuter, rabies vaccine and ear tip for cats in traps. The surgeries will be performed at Angels of Assisi (our Santa Kitty Toy Hop recipients). If the Assisi medical staff determines a feline needs additional medical treatment, that is the responsibility of the pet owner. To apply simply call the Barn Cat Buddies hotline at 504-344-8707 ext. 3* do not leave your message on Assisi’s line please.

Please spread the word through social media!