Sunday Selfies: Week #491


tabby and tortie cat two-fur


Though tabby Raleigh was here on both Friday and Caturday, he volunteered to take the selfie today. And then he was suddenly photobombed by tortie Astrid. In the photo, however, Astrid is looking at the camera and Raleigh is not, making it look as if Raleigh is the photobomber. But, whichever way you view this, you get a bonus cat or a tortie and tabby two-fur.

Good-Bye Brofur Bailey

We found out recently that an Honorary Kitty Blue, Bailey Boat Cat, flew off to the Rainbow Bridge on .January 2.



We met Bailey shortly after we began blogging and invited him to be an honorary member of the family as a gift for his second birthday. He officially joined the Kitties Blue on 07/30/2013. You can find him with the rest of the family on The Felines page.

If you are unfamiliar with Bailey, I suggest you read our post, “Brofur Bailey Featured as Caturday Art,” and also read his book, Bailey Boat Cat: Adventures of a Feline Afloat, written by his mom Lou Kennedy. The book is available at both Amazon and at slightly different prices than those listed in the previous post.

You can leave condolences for Bailey’s family at “A Final Farewell.”

Rest in peace dear brofur. Kitties Blue were honored to have you has a member of our family.

Hopping Time

Now it is time to show off your selfie and hop with us. It is hard to believe we are quickly closing in on week 500 of the hop. That is a whole lot of selfies, especially for those of you who have been with us the entire time. Whether you have joined us for most of our 491 weeks or you are a new hopper, Kitties Blue and I truly appreciate your participation.

If you cannot join Raleigh and Astrid today, the hop remains open through Thursday.

Have an easy Sunday.