Tabby Toesie Tuesday at TCC

Today I am supporting my little brofur, Sawyer, and his friend, Noelle (Friends Furever). They are hosting a special event at Tabby Cat Club: Tabby Toesie Tuesday. As I am also a member of this exclusive club, I am honored to join all the other tabbies showing off their toesies.


Cooper's Tabby Toesies


I may not be showing off all of my toesies in this photo, but I think you can see how terrific they are. After all, I wouldn’t want to share anything but my very best. Besides, look what I am competing with. This kid might be half my size, but he’s got some pretty magnificent toesies. Don’t you agree?


Sawyer's Tabby Toesies


If you are a tabby cat, Sawyer and Noelle would appreciate you joining their toesie fest. If you aren’t a tabby, you can still drop in at the Tabby Cat Club and check out the meowvolous toesies on display. Just click the badge below to go there now.



Purrs and paw-pats, Cooper Murphy