Apologies: I was in a food coma and forgot to schedule this when I finished it!

Caturday Art

Today, we have two of our tabbies, Cooper Murphy and Sawyer, enjoying that same sunpuddle on the bed but not at the same time as their sisters. If you missed Kizmet and Audrey sharing the sunpuddle, click on the link to yesterday’s post at the bottom of this post.


Tabbies sunpuddle art: A grey and a ginger tabby cat napping in a sunpuddle with an art effect over the photo.


Today’s art looks suspiciously like last week’s when Cooper Murphy was in almost the exact position. If you missed that post, you can find it at, “Ginger Tabby Halloween Art.”

If you are unable to find Sawyer in the photo above, he’s the lump behind Coop. Look closely, and you will see his ear. Unlike Cooper, who enjoys sprawling on his back, Sawyer almost always curls up in a ball.

I went back to the Painnt app to create the art. The effect is called, 🌟Star. I tinkered with just about every setting on the app, so I am unable to share with you what I did. The frame is, of course, from the favpng app. I know neither of the boys show up very well, but I like the ethereal look of the art.

Here’s a puzzle for all those who are fans.

Two Cats in Sunpuddle Art

Cooper Murphy and Sawyer will be joining Athena Cat Goddess Wise Kitty on her Caturday Art blog hop. You can do the same by clicking on Athena’s badge.

Sunday Selfies Reminder

Time again tomorrow for our selfie hop. We’ll be presenting portrait number six in our series of Kitties Blue 2023 portraits. I know the identity of your host for tomorrow, but you’ll need to stop in to find out which of the Kitties Blue it is. While you are here, please add your selfie to the hop. You know all your friends will be here looking for you.

Thanks for joining us today. Kitties Blue and I wish you all a terrific day filled with sunpuddles, treats and snuggles.

p.s. While trying to decide on a title for this post, I discovered I have 34 published posts with sunpuddle somewhere in the title. I guess I’ll have to make that 35, as I am unable to think of anything else.