Awards have been flying around like crazy lately, and our mom, who loves all things bright and shining, is so excited to have been nominated for one by Beverly Harvey, another cat lover/blogger, and her kitty Sophie from moggiepurrs.

The nomination is for the Sunshine Award. Beverly said that she nominated Mom because of her cheerful and inspiring posts. That definitely made Mom and us feel all sunshiny inside and out!

As usual, there are rules to follow if you accept the nomination, which, of course, we do  she does. Thank you so much Beverly and Sophie. We and Mom are so appreciative of you for thinking us worthy of this award.

Rule 1: Post The Sunshine Award logo.


Rule 2: Nominate 10 fellow bloggers. The kitties and I admire so many of the bloggers we follow, and many of them already have this award. To my knowledge, none of those listed below have the Sunshine Award, and I personally believe each is very deserving. They bring a bright light and plenty of chuckles and MOLs into our lives each time we read their posts. If you are unfamiliar with any of these blogs, please click on their link and see what they have to say. Also please check out Beverly’s blog. The link is above.

I am nominating:

Amanda’s Books and More Just seeing five-year-old Amanda’s smiling face in the header makes me happy as well as her mom Christina’s posts on a variety of subjects.

Anakin The Two Legged Cat for his spirit and the joy he has brought to so many by being just like any other cat despite being born without a pelvis or legs

Friends FurEver If I wasn’t already a fan of this blog, Ellie’s and Allie’s birthday party and the fantastic Cinco de Mayo party with sombrero nip cookies and meowgaritas would have been enough for my kitties to beg me to make this nomination.

Furries of Whisppy If you want to know why I am bestowing my nomination on this blog, you need only check out their “Friday Fun” post of May 3, featuring Ling, Cosmo, Boomer, Coco, Tutu, Felix and Meow-me playing. Also, Boomer and Tutu look so much like my Astrid and Lisbeth, I can’t resist them.

The Howling Mad Cat as this blog’s kitty is a 21-year-old grey tabby who is still going strong. That has to make anybody feel happy.

Just Dip It in Chocolate as Lizy shares inventive and delicious menus as well as great craft projects. And she has by far some of the best photography of food on the web.

Katnip Lounge for having the fortitude to care for 13 adorable kitties with so many varied personalities as I would if I could!

Manx Mnews is another multi-kitty blog with great photos and some very inspiring quotes that I find relevant to my life.

Spitty Speaks as Spitty represents the epitome of catitude and always cracks us up.

Sweet Purrfections If you don’t know Truffle and Brûlée, you must visit. Brulee’s fur is enough to brighten your day and bring a smile to your face.

Rule 3: Announce their nomination in their blog’s comment section. I am posting this prior to completing Rule 3. I will fulfill this requirement tomorrow. If you are a nominee reading this, please feel free to accept prior to my posting that comment on your site.

Rule 4: Provide links to the nominees’ blogs as well as a link to the blog of the person who nominated you.

Rule 5: Answer the questions. This is designed to help people get to know you better.


1. Favorite Color — Co-favorites aqua and purple. When I was in high school my bedroom was decorated in aqua, white and shades of purple. I even had an aqua Princess phone (for those of you old enough to remember phones that weren’t mobile).

2. Favorite Animal —  =^ ..^ =

3. Favorite Number —  7. The optimum feng shui number of kitties for our house is seven. We have eight now (which seems to working out okay) and have had eight in the past, but at that time our now Angel Steamer was in assisted living (a huge animal cage probably meant for a St. Bernard) as she was quite old and rather fragile.

4. Favorite Non-Alcoholic Drink — Diet Coke, which I consider the breakfast of champions. (I don’t drink coffee.)

5. Favorite Alcoholic Drink — German Wines. I love red wine as well, but sometimes it doesn’t like me very much.

6. Facebook or Twitter? — Neither. Hubby Tom has Facebook and shares with me anything he thinks I might find interesting; especially anything involving Barn Cat Buddies, the TNR organization I support.

7. My Passions — Cats, gardening, biking, blogging and reading. I haven’t had much time for reading anything but blogs lately. When it gets too hot for gardening, I’ll have more time to get to some books I have waiting for me.

8. Giving or Receiving Gifts – Always, giving. I never met a present I didn’t like receiving, but I shop for my friends and family all year so that I know I have just the right gifts for each person.

9. Favorite City — Siena, Italy

10. Favorite TV Show — The Amazing Race. Though we have traveled a lot in other countries (Tom more than I have), I see places on that show I will never have the privilege of experiencing. Last night was the season finale which I missed (but recorded), so no spoilers please!