Sunday Selfies: Week #389

Did you all know that I have the ability to take a selfie even while I’m snoozing? Pretty neat trick, don’t you think? I know others of you have done this as well. We cats are multi-talented!


sunpuddle snoozing Sunday Selfie


It was another cold day and several of us were napping on the bed in the sunpuddles—again. I must confess, no matter the temperature or amount of sun, this is where I spend most of my time. I am a first-rate napper. And I’ve got a little something extra for you today—my lovely paw.

That’s it from me.

Hopping Time

So, you all know the drill. I’ve showed you my selfie, so it is time for you to share yours with us and your other friends. And there’s no problem if you don’t post today. You can join the hop anytime through Thursday. I’ll be here waiting for you. If you’d like to invite some friends along, that would be super.

Remembering Pete

Tomorrow, everyone’s good friend, Pete Cusack, will be celebrating his birthday in heaven with many of his beloved felines. Pete passed away in November to the shock of all of us. To honor Pete on his birthday, we will be posting a link to one of our favorite Tom Cat Commentary by Timmy posts. We hope you will join us in remembering Pete by participating.

Thanks for coming today and participating in our hop. We appreciate all of you for your support and friendship.

Purrs & paw-pats. Calista Jo