Sunday Selfies: Week #455

Kitties Blue got the day off this week, as we have a sunflower seed muncher as your guest host. This is one of the four chipmunks we know about that live in our yard. They spend copious amounts of time under our bird feeders along with the squirrels in order to help themselves to the sunflower seeds the birds drop.

These tiny, furry friends chase each other all over the yard and alley and across the tops of the fences. They are really speedy and so much fun to observe.


Photo of a chipmunk eating sunflower seeds with a layered wood frame.


Last year, we shared a photo of a chipmunk pup Dad Tom rescued from the street on the post, “Rescued Chipmunk Pup.” It was one of three pups. As we already had three chipmunks living in burrows in our yard at the time, we could have as many as six now if all those pups survived.

Did you know that chipmunks are members of the Sciuridae family? It is the same family to which squirrels belong. I just found that out recently.

Let’s Hop

Our little friend is here to invite you to hop along with him/her. I honestly don’t know its gender. Though none of the Kitties Blue are here today, they all are hoping you will be. All your other friends will be waiting to see you as well. Don’t forget, if you cannot participate today, our hop remains open through Thursday.

After you hop, please enjoy an easy Sunday.

Thanks for being our friends and supporting our long-running Sunday Selfies hop.