Sunday Selfies: Week #152

We are dedicating our Sunday Selfies blog hop today to another of our dearest friends who received her angel wings a few days ago. Ellie (My wife Allie’s sisfur) is being honored today, so I am featuring her before I post my own selfie. I had Mom make a special photo of her to share with you. I want her to take centerstage today.


Sunday Selfies in memory of Ellie.


Ellie was only 15 years old, but she did have health issues that had worsened the last couple of weeks. She passed in Mom Sharon’s arms being stroked and told how much she was loved. That was the purrfect way to leave on her new adventure at the Rainbow Bridge with some of her fursibs and bunches of furiends. I know we’ve asked before, but if you haven’t had the opportunity to share a few kind words with Mom Sharon, Dad Bill, Allie and Raz, please drop by Friends Furever. While there can you please add some prayers, purrs and POTP for Dad Bill. Not only is he undergoing cancer treatment, but he also just landed in the hospital with a collapsed lung.

So I guess it is time for me to share my selfie. As usual I was prattling on about something when I snapped this, so my mouth is open. If I am awake, I am usually talking about something. Sorry I’m a bit blurry.


Sunday Selfies with Mau


In Other News

At dinnertime last night, Mom called Lily Olivia, Misty May and me in from the front porch where we were hanging out and relaxing. She suddenly noticed that mean, neighborhood cat was lounging in our driveway. Some of you may remember that  I have tangled with this meanie twice before resulting in me being bitten (Mauricio’s Boo-Boos and Bite on Butt Requires Vet Visit) both times. Mom and Meanie stared at each other for several seconds, and then Meanie went back across the street where he belongs. He took his time, however, continuing to stop, turn back and try to stare Mom down. We were already in the house. I am so grateful that guy wasn’t brave enough to come up on the porch, as I have no intention of putting up with his shenanigans.

Time to Hop

Bet you thought I’d forgotten this is a blog hop. No such luck. It is time for you to snap a selfie and show it off here. The link is below. You’ll also find the code below to add the hop to your blog if you’d like. If you do so, would you please be so kind as to post our badge and/or link back to The Cat on My Head.

Thank you to everyone who hops with us, whether it is regularly or just occasionally. And if you are new to the hop, welcome. Hope you join in often.

Until we meet again…ciao and meow, Mau