Sunday Selfies: Week #141

Lily Olivia agreed to take a selfie; though, all Kitties Blue had threatened to boycott after Friday’s round-up. However, she said she would only do it if I joined her. She looked so cute when she asked, I couldn’t refuse. So here we are. Lily even managed to reach over my shoulder to snap the photo.




Kitties Blue and I are dedicating today’s post to some faithful hoppers who recently received their angel wings. They were all greatly loved and will be missed by their families and all who knew them. They will remain in our hearts always.


 Queen Nellie (Nellie on the Edge/The Cat from Hell)

Angel Nellie


Dory (Dory’s Backyard)

Angel Dory (Dory's Backyard)


 Snowie & Humphrey (Bionic Basil)

Angel Snowie and Angel Humphrey, FOREVER


Cat4-001Kitties Blue and I hope you will take a moment to remember our friends before adding your selfie to today’s blog hop. The link for adding that selfie is below as is the code to add the hop to your blog. If you would be so kind as to link back to The Cat on My Head and/or include our badge on your post, you’d make the kitties and me very happy.

Wishing everybody a day filled with love and sunshine. We’ll be back tomorrow with a rare Monday post and a giveaway.

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