Sunday Selfies: Week #407

I was fortunate that I neither had to bribe nor coerce any of the Kitties Blue to take a selfie for today’s hop. I actually had a volunteer. And here is your host for today.


Sunday Selfie guest host: dove sitting on it's nest


This dove and it’s companion have built and taken up residence in this nest above the curtains on our front porch. They are incubating one egg. Once it hatches, the baby bird will remain in the nest for about two weeks. If I am lucky, maybe the baby will want to share a selfie before it flies away.

I cannot express how delighted Kitties Blue were to be off the hook this week; though, they offer their apologies to Da Tabbies O Trout Towne.

Hug Your Cat Day

I am quite ashamed that I missed this special day yesterday. But in my defense, Kitties Blue hate hugs just about as much as they hate taking selfies. In way of apology for missing the opportunity to share some photos of Dad Tom and me hugging a couple of the felines, here’s the link to last year’s post, “Have You Hugged Your Cat Today?” Hope you all did give and get some hugs from your furballs yesterday.

Hopping Time

It’s time for you to snap and post your selfie, or purrhaps you too have a stand-in this week. Whatever the case, we are all waiting in anticipation to see the photo. If you are unable to participate today, it’s not a problem. The hop will remain open through Thursday.

As always, thank you so much for following and supporting us, but most of all thanks for being our friends.

Have a easy Sunday!