Calista Jo (Mauricio) Lisbeth

Calista Jo (Mauricio) Lisbeth

Calista Jo: Who’s there?

Mauricio: Mauricio.

Lisbeth: Mauricio, who?

Mauricio: Your brofur, Mauricio.

Lisbeth: I’m sorry we don’t have any brofurs, just sisfurs here.

Mauricio: Don’t be silly. You know me. I am the big, whiney Tuxedo cat.

Calista Jo: Oh, him. We don’t like him.

Lisbeth: Go away.

Mauricio: I’m not going anywhere. Now back away!

Lisbeth: No.

Mauricio: If you don’t, I’m going to bonk you on the heads with this cat door.

Calista Jo: You and what army?

Mauricio: Sheesh, you two are a pain in the backside.

Calista Jo: Lisbeth, I’m bored. Should we let him in?

Lisbeth: Yeah, I guess. If we don’t he’s going to sit there and whine.

Calista Jo: Oh yeah…I don’t like that.

Lisbeth: Let’s go watch the birds.

Calista Jo: Okay.

Mauricio: Finally, a guy could starve to death waiting on those two twits.

P.S. Please don’t forget to keep sending your love, prayers and purrs to our sisfur, Nylablue.