Sunday Selfies: Week #356

Mom accused me of phoning in my selfie this week. She claims it looks just like one I did in April, 2019. Is she kidding me? For starters, no one remembers a selfie from more than two years ago, and secondly, once a beautiful cat, always a beautiful cat. Am I right?

So here’s today’s selfie. I sure hope you like it, and I especially hope my sweet boyfriend, Angel Charles likes it. I really, really miss him. Mom and I talk about him all the time.




Now that I have shared my selfie, it is time for each of you to share yours. I know they will be as purrfect as mine! MOL! You can link up below to join the hop anytime through Thursday. And please invite your friends. It’s always more fun with a big crowd.

Thanks for hopping by to visit. We appreciate your support and friendship!

Purrs and paw-pats, Lisbeth (with kisses for Angel Charles)