Sunday Selfies: Week #151

As we mentioned yesterday, we have a guest host for today’s blog hop. Though we live in the city, our neighborhood has lots of wildlife. Some are welcome and others are not. Our guest today is one of those unwelcome ones. These critters usually only come out at night. We normally don’t see them, but we sure do smell them.

Have you guessed yet who our host is?


Stinky the skunk hosts Sunday Selfies.


You can just call him, Stinky. He was one of three skunks our humans discovered hoovering up sunflower seeds from under the bird feeder a couple evenings ago. They all scattered in different directions when Mom knocked on the kitchen window. Stinky the Brave returned, and Dad Tom was able to get his photo. We know this isn’t a “selfie,” but Dad wasn’t getting close enough to let this guy snap his own photo.

According to our mom, the group appeared to be a mother skunk and two skunk kids. This is one of the kids. They are striped skunks, and each had a different white pattern on its back.

The gang was back yesterday evening, and it had doubled in size. That’s right—six skunks, and some were smaller than those in the first group. Dad Tom turned the hose on them, but once again one brave stinker returned. Watch for photos later in the week.

Now that you’ve seen our host, it is time for you to add your selfie to the hop. The link is below as is the code to add the hop to your blog if you’d like. Would you please add our badge and/or link to The Cat on My Head on your blog. You wouldn’t want our mom to send this stinker to your house, would you? Just kidding, of course!

If you don’t post on Sundays, you are still welcome to join the hop. It remains open through Thursday. And please feel free to invite your anipal friends to join us.

We know many of your humans will be traveling this weekend as well as having parties and barbecues (purrhaps with fireworks) to celebrate Independence Day. Friends, please stay safe and in the house during any of these festivities. Find a quiet place to relax and chill or ask your humans to turn on a radio or TV to drown out the loud boomers.

We’ll be back on Tuesday to wish everyone a happy 4th.