Friendly Fill-Ins: Week #120

I needed a bit of help again this week in order to complete the fill-ins. Sawyer was my assistant and completed #3. I believe he’s the only one in the household who learned something new this week. I’m a bit embarrassed by that. We all should be learning new things. I’m making a pledge to do better. That said, here are our fill-ins.

1. The best teacher I ever had was Sarah Cooper. She was my high school Home Economics teacher and became my friend and mentor after my mom died. (Miss Cooper was only eight years older than I was.)

2. The worst teachers I ever had were Dr. Burma and Merle Woodward. Burma taught biology in my high school. Stern-faced, he was unwilling to help students (like myself) who weren’t science geniuses. Dr. Burma was a source of amusement, however, as he wore the same tie everyday for the entire school year. Mrs. Woodward was the other worst teacher. She taught advanced English and absolutely hated me. It would take paragraphs to explain.

3. Sawyer: I recently learned how to play with springs. I know you learned this yesterday. Unfortunately, Mom hasn’t taken any photos of me playing, but here’s an “after” photo of me exhausted.




4. I think everyone should know how to swim. If you’ve missed Mau trying his paw at swimming, here is a little video.



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