May I have some more, purrlease.


This is Sparky. He lives next door. He has a tuxedo cat fursib named Biscuit. He also lives with three woofies. He has been our neighbor for 12 years. During that time Sparky and Misty May have had oodles of heated conversations regarding his penchant for trespassing on our property. He runs home quickly at the conclusion of these disagreements, but only after giving Misty May the raspberry and reminding her that he has lived next door since before she was born.

In recent months Sparky has been doing more than trespassing. He has been enjoying both his second breakfast and dinner on our front porch. Even now, while we are taste testing noms for an upcoming review, he is waiting at the front door at mealtime. He rates whatever he is served with four paws up and is always a member of the clean bowl club.

I have discussed with his dad, Randy, the fact that I feed him, as I would not want to do it without permission. Though embarrassed about his mooching cat, Dad Randy, has said it is okay. If he happens to be outside when Sparky is giving me his sad-eyed, I am starving look, Randy always tries to coax Sparky to return home. Hasn’t happened yet…at least not until his bowl was spotless.

Mauricio is also thankful today as he took his last antibiotic pill (again, quite unwillingly) last night, and his lip is much improved.