Solid Gold Review

We have three types of cats in our house when it comes to eating canned noms. They are:

1) The clean-plate, I-will-eat-anything kitties: Lily Olivia, Astrid, Calista Jo, Mauricio and moocher neighbor, Sparky.

2) Then we have the I’ll-eat-almost-anything-but-maybe-not-clean-my-plate duo: Misty May and Lisbeth.

3) And finally we have Giulietta and Fiona. Fiona will maybe lick the gravy from canned food. Giulietta will occasionally eat her food but so slowly she is usually nosed out by a speedier eater. Whether or not Fiona and Giulietta eat it, they will always try to bury any canned food. (Fiona also tries to cover the dry food before and after eating it.)

I brought a variety of brands of canned foods home with me from BlogPaws in the hope of finding something everybody liked and would eat. EPIC FAIL.

One thing I knew for certain: None of the kitties like shredded foods. It is pate or the highway.

When I was contacted by Sold Gold Health Products for Pets, Inc. to try both their canned and dry cat food, I eagerly agreed. Solid Gold specializes in the development and manufacture of foods containing no preservatives or saturated fats. Their pet foods are made of USDA Choice meats and grains, like rice, barley, oats and millet, instead of wheat, soy or corn as with many other manufacturers. And Solid Gold is manufactured in the United States.

The kitties taste tested eight different products (six of which are grain- and gluten-free), two dry foods and six canned foods. Because of that, it is difficult to go into great detail here or list all ingredients. Any Information I do not provide can he found on Solid Gold’s website.

All of the cats will hoover up pretty much any dry food with a few exceptions. Solid Gold was not an exception. Solid Gold offers two dry foods for cats: Katz-n-Flocken, which includes lamb and brown rice, and the high protein, grain- and gluten-free Indigo Moon with chicken meal, fresh chicken and ocean fish meal. We received several of the three ounce vacuumed-sealed packets of each, and both were eaten by all with no hesitation.

My challenge I knew would come with the canned noms. Only one of Solid Gold’s canned foods come in pate form. So, I was totally surprised when the others were not universally rejected.

We first tried the pate, Gourmet Cat, a blend of chicken, turkey, whitefish and liver. This is the only one of the canned foods which is NOT gluten- and grain-free. Calista liked it so much and ate it so fast that she hurled shortly after the first serving. She was fine on the other occasions I served it. Giulietta turned it down twice and Fiona once.

They had two favorites: Sardines and Tuna, which was eaten by all of our eight as well as Sparky, and the Blended Tuna, which I served three times. It was turned down only once by Giulietta. I wasn’t surprised that they ate this as their usual, preferred canned food is tuna and white fish.

The Mackerel and Tuna also was well liked with Fiona eating some of hers and only Lisbeth turning it down.

The least favored was the Shrimp and Tuna which had what appeared to be whole baby shrimp. This is the food that was in the bowl Lisbeth was staring at on the Wordless Wednesday post: Is This Stuff Food? . The other least favored was Seabream and Tuna. Even Calista turned down that one along with Giulietta and Lisbeth; though, Lisbeth had no problem with it when served again.

The four foods that contain tuna in a combination with another fish or the shrimp all come with gravy so I am not surprised that my most picky eater Fiona ate some of these. Gravy is usually the only thing she eats from our regular brand.

So not all cats gave all foods a paw up, but overall I am quite pleased with the high quality of the food and general acceptance by my crew. I definitely will be getting them some more of the Blended Tuna, Mackerel and Tuna and Sardines and Tuna. And I am happy to recommend the Solid Gold product.

Solid Gold is available from Chewy, Petco, Amazon and others.

I was not monetarily compensated in any way for this review. I was provided only with the food for the kitties to try. All opinions expressed here are totally my own.

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