Cat Scouts S’moresapalooza

Mauricio opened a Bake Shop at Cat Scouts a couple of months ago. Since then, he has hired an apprentice baker, Wolverine patrol mate, Anya. He has been appointed official baker for the Scouts Birthday Party Den. And most recently he’s been delivering special desserts to Scouts each day featuring the official flowers of the 50 states to help Scouts prepare for an upcoming botany test.

On Sunday, Mau took on his most ambitious project yet, a S’moresapalooza. S’mores are a scouting tradition among Boy, Girl and Cat Scouts. He prepared 36 different types of s’mores for the Scouts, and Anya prepared 30 s’mores beverages. Scouts were invited to make and eat s’mores, bob in a vat of melted chocolate for marshmallows and write original songs/stories/poems about s’mores.

This is Mauricio’s poem:

S’mores, s’mores are good to eat.

S’mores, s’mores are my favorite treat.

Grab a stick and pull up a seat.

Melty and gooey and oh so sweet

Marshmallows, grahams, chocolate can’t be beat.

To have all I want would sure be neat.

S’mores, s’mores are good to eat.

S’mores, s’mores are my favorite treat.

Mau’s good friend and Worldwide Wildcat Troop Leader, Sammy, wrote this terrific song (sung to the tune of, “Do Your Ears Hang Low”).

Do your s’mores get drippy
Do you need a straw to sippy
Do you make a big mess
C’mon now please just confess…..
Can you not get enough
Of the chocolately stuff
Do your s’mores get drippy?

 The event was lots of fun, and so Mauricio wanted to share slideshow with a few photos from the event. He hopes you enjoy it and that it might tempt more of you to join Cat Scouts.


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