Thoroughly Poetic Thursday




I absolutely love the fun and exuberance radiating from the youngsters in today’s inspiration photo. After scratching my head and having several false starts when it came to writing a poem, I ended up with a haiku.


on a sunny day
kids having fun at the park
slip slidin’ away


Thoroughly Poetic Thursday is hosted by our friends, Angel Sammy and Teddy, at Two Spoiled Cats. We always enjoy reading Sammy’s poem that he transmits each week from the Rainbow Bridge and discovering links to the poems of other bloggers, which are in the Comments. To check out Sam’s poem, click on his badge.

* With apologies to Paul Simon

Thankful Thursday

Today, I have a list of “gratefuls” to share.

I have

  • completed 350 rides on the Peloton;
  • fixed my personal e-mail account so I can send e-mail;
  • fixed The Cat on My Head account so I can delete e-mail;
  • updated my WordPress account with no ill-effects (so far) and finally,
  • The excavation for our addition is nearly complete. (The photo yesterday was from several days ago.)

I am most thankful, however, that with an increase in Sawyer’s new medication (and no additional decrease in the phenobarbital), he has gone a few days with no seizures.

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