Tuesday Doozy of a Snoozy

Kitties Blue and I hope you have not tired of our Doozy of a Snoozy posts. In the past few days our high temperature has plummeted from the unseasonable upper 70s F to the 40s with 20s at night. That makes for a very crowded bed each night. Even with a king-sized bed, we humans are being pushed out.

The east-west (horizontal) sleeping positions of our furry bedmates turn me into a pretzel every night. Astounded by the amount of space they occupy, I find myself getting out of bed, turning on the lights and taking photos. Sorry this first one isn’t very good.


sleep 1


It is a bit difficult to see all six present in this photo. Upper left is Calista Jo. The line down the center from the top down is Lily Olivia, a tiny Fiona, Mau, Lisbeth and Misty May at the bottom. The larger, covered lump is Dad Tom.


sleep 2


The same configuration from a different angle with C.J. in foreground.


sleep 3


Here’s the line-up across my side of the bed, minus Calista Jo. (who is off camera on the lower right). Misty May is on the far side of Dad Tom. She moved to her usual place on my pillow once the lights were turned off. This line up runs entirely across my side of the bed at mid-bed. Argh!

Though the gang often piles on their dad, as he is a heat-making machine, he usually snoozes the night away. I know this, as he is snoring and doesn’t wake up when I turn on all the lights!

Giulietta rarely joins us as she has plenty of fur to keep herself warm. And Astrid always sleeps downstairs due to the Misty May factor. She’ll sleep on the bed during the day and often joins us in the morning shortly before we get up.

Where do you sleep? Do your humans allow you in the bed with them or do they shut you out of the bedroom?  The conventional wisdom is that humans should not sleep with their pets. And Dad Tom’s allergist would prefer that Kitties Blue sleep elsewhere, but as the saying goes, “That ship as sailed!”