shadow play


When I saw Fiona sitting in a super bright sunpuddle, I knew I needed a photo. We have been seeing very little sun lately. While trying to take the photo, I continued getting my shadow in the frame. I kept moving to my left in an attempt to eliminate it, and this is what appeared. Astrid was in the window behind me with her paw on an electric Christmas candle trying to nom the bulb.

So I got a twofer…one sunpuddle kitty and one shadow kitty. This is as close as I can expect to see these two without hearing hissing.

As the photo was already interesting, I took a minimalist approach (not my usual method) to editing. Using Picasa, I cropped the photo, added the Lomo-ish filter, followed by the Posterize filter and then added the frame. A very light day of editing for me.

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