Friendly Fill-Ins: Week 14

Our petretary has let us down. We have several things we need to post, but she is just too busy watching the Olympics to do our bidding. The only other things she has been doing is swimming and coloring. She hasn’t even been reading the two books to us we need to review. We think she is totally useless and selfish! MOUSES!


We had to take things into our own paws and do this post. First we need to do the Friendly Fill-Ins hosted by Mom Ellen at 15 And Meowing and Mom Annie at McGuffy’s Reader. We divided these up, and four of us got to fill-in one each.

1. Mauricio: My nickname is Mau. I think most of you know this. My humans never called me this. The name was given to me by my pal, Cat Scout Sushi, and it stuck. Everyone at Cat Scouts calls me Mau.

2. Fiona: The first thing I ever won was being adopted with my sisfur, Giulietta. Mom had only planned to adopt one kitty, but after selecting Giulietta she saw my sweet but sad face and knew she couldn’t leave me behind. I am so thankful as Giulietta and I are inseparable.

3. Calista Jo: I have never been to the BlogPaws Conference, but I hope to go in 2017.

4. Lily Olivia: Next year in February I will have my 18th birthday. I have no doubt I will be around to celebrate it. Two of our angels, Steamer and Louise, lived to be 17. Daphne made it to 19. I hope to at least tie her record.

Our completions of the fill-ins are the parts printed in teal italics.

This is a blog hop. You can add your link on Annie’s blog. We have linked to her blog above.

Now that we have completed that task, we have a photo to share. It was the view from our kitchen window this morning.


Squirrel sunning himself and waiting for turn at the bird feeder.


Can you believe this guy? What does he think this is? A resort. He was waiting for his turn at the bird feeder, but he wasn’t eating the seeds. He was bringing them back to the planters and burying them. And do you see how awful that coco fiber looks that lines the planter? This guy (girl?) stole all the missing fiber. We watched him one afternoon as he tore away mouthfuls and then scampered off to the big tree in our yard to build a nest. He came back again and again and totally destroyed that plant liner.

The critters who inhabit our yard are so cheeky. One of those marmots was busily scarfing up sunflower seeds of the ground while Mom was swimming. When dad walked by him to get in the pool, he just kept munching away. See what we mean? Totally cocky critters!

So that’s it from us for today. If we can tear the petretary away from her preposterous pursuits, we’ll be back tomorrow with some Caturday Art.

Purrs and paw-pats, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo