Thoroughly Poetic Thursday




My plan for today had been to write a poem about one of the first two Kitties Blue, Skooter or Steamer, as the prompt letter for this week is “S.” After several false starts on a poem about Skooter, I settled on a limerick about Steamer.

There once was a cat named Steamer,
Who fancied herself a bit of a schemer.
But when she plotted and planned
To steal stuffed salmon from a pan,
She found she was only a dreamer.

It may not be good, but I did manage to STUFF it with esses.


angels - Hill's Pet Nutrition


If you’d like to know how Steamer and some of our other angel cats got there names, click here.

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Thankful Thursday

On Tuesday evenings from 8 to 10 p.m. ET BlogPaws holds a Twitter chat. I try to take part as often as possible, as it is an excellent way to meet and connect with other bloggers as well as brand representatives. A few weeks ago the chat was about senior pets and a new Hill’s cat food especially for seniors. I shared this photo of Lily Olivia, stating she had been my constant companion for 18 years.


Hill's Pet Nutrition


A few days later I was contacted by Hill’s Pet Nutrition, whose representative (@HillsPet) was one of the “chatters.” I was asked for our address so that Hills could send Lily some swag. This is what Lily received.


Hill's Pet Nutrition swag


Lily Olivia and I are grateful to Hill’s Pet Nutrition for their thoughtfulness and generosity.

We are joining Brian’s Home for the Thankful Thursday blog hop with our “thanks” to Hill’s. Click on the badge below to go to Brian’s blog.


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