1. Mom: My favorite subject in school was Home Economics.

Mau & Cooper Murphy: Search & Rescue at Cat Scout University


Cat Scouts Cooper Murphy & Mau in their SARS uniforms.


2. Mom: An extracurricular activity I participated in was Yearbook and Junior Achievement.
Mau and Cooper Murphy: Cat Scout University Cheerleading
3. Mom: I want to learn more about coding.
4. Sawyer: It takes courage to go to the vet and not poop in the PTU. That’s exactly what I did yesterday! Mom and Dad are really proud of me, especially as I didn’t stink up the car.



Sawyer’s Vet Visit

Sawyer had blood work yesterday to check his phenobarbital level. We’ll find out what is is later today. He’s been doing very well; though, we think he had a seizure in the middle of the night a few days ago. As I write this (Thursday evening) Dad Tom and I are praying he won’t have one before you can read this. That seems to be what happens after the stress of a vet visit. We sprayed the PTU with Comfort Zone. Our vet has a cat only waiting room, Feliway in the exam rooms along with padded tables covered in cozy blankets, so everything possible is done to keep the stress level down.

We love our vet, Dr. Kathie Neel, as well as everyone who works at the AAHA-accredited and Cat Friendly-certified Vinton Veterinary Hospital. We’ve always been happy with our choice (in the 1980s) of this veterinary practice, and we were delighted to see this sign yesterday. We know our furballs are always getting the best care.



See y’all tomorrow for Caturday Art.