Caturday Art

Sawyer is featured today in our Caturday Art, as he had a bit of a rough day yesterday. He had his boy bits removed, received his final vaccine and was microchipped. He was purrfect to and from the vet—sat quietly in his PTU and just watched what was happening outside the car window. And he was a good boy for Dr. Neel.

The photo I used for our art is from Christmas. After a long day of fun and frolicking, Sawyer needed a long nap.


Caturday Art with Sawyer


To create this art, I started by adding the HDR effect using Picasa. My next step was to add the Color Z filter using piZap. From there I went to Painnt and added the Ceramic Tiles effect. I then returned to piZap for the patterned border and then back to Picasa for the blue and white border. I am actually quite pleased with the outcome, especially as Sawyer’s toesies were not totally obscured by all my piling on.

Caturday Art with Sawyer

Here’s the original photo. The arty version is our submission in Athena Cat Goddess Wise Kitty’s Caturday Art blog hop. To enter some art of your own and/or view the creations of your fellow bloggers, please click on her badge.

Sunday Selfies Reminder

Tomorrow is Cooper Murphy’s Gotcha Day, so he will be your host for our blog hop. Cooper is a bit under the weather and also had to visit Dr. Neel yesterday. His temperature was 105+ degrees. It may be difficult to convince him to snap a selfie, but we cannot miss his one-year anniversary of joining Kitties Blue. He wouldn’t mind if you’d like to send him some purrs, prayers and POTP. I’ll fill you in tomorrow on what’s going on with him.

Thank You

I appreciate all your kind comments about the poem, “One of a Kind,” which I wrote for Lily Olivia. I will add it to the sidebar along with the memorial photo I made for her as soon as I get the opportunity.

Kitties Blue and I also need to apologize for our lack of visiting your blogs. It probably will not get much better until we have Cooper Murphy healthy! I truly am sorry.