Thoroughly Poetic Thursday

Once again Angel Sammy and Teddy (Two Spoiled Cats) came up with a doozy of an inspiration photo for today’s poetry challenge. And, once again, I have added at cat. Sawyer is this week’s lucky participant and this silly poem is written in his voice.


Silly Poem photo of grey tabby cat (Sawyer) sitting on a woman's lap next to a yeti-like creature aboard a subway.


The Stinky Subway Passenger

This guy’s fur smells really gross.
Someone needs to squirt him with a hose.
He’s obviously not self-cleaning like a cat,
Otherwise his fur would not be one huge mat.
Whoever let him on the subway
Should be docked a month’s pay.
I’m not sure I can hold my breath much longer,
And the smell just keeps getting stronger.
I can’t believe my fastidious mistress pretends not to notice
The extent of this guy’s malodorousness!
Thank goodness our stop is coming up soon,
As a swear I am just about to swoon,
Possibly even hurl my lunch on his feet
And hence need to beat a hasty retreat.
But wait, is Mr. Smelly getting off now?
Well, thanks, hip hip hooray and meow!

© Janet Buickerood Blue – 06/15/2022

So, another poem completed. Sawyer and I hope you got a bit of a giggle out of it. If you’d like to give poetry writing a whirl, click on the poetry badge at the left. You’ll be whisked over to Two Spoiled Cats where you will find next week’s inspiration photo. You’ll also be able to read Angel Sammy’s poem for this week as well as find links to poems by other bloggers in the Comments.

Thankful Thursday

Kitties Blue are thankful the catio re-staining is almost complete. If you missed yesterday’s post, “Cooper Murphy, I’m Bored,” which was Kizmet’s response to the catio being off limits, click on the post title. It is hotter than a lit firecracker here, and it’s not even summer yet. Cats, however, can manage temperatures up to about 100 degrees. And, our catio is under roof, shaded by a big tree and the house and includes a water fountain and extra large water bowl. And Kitties Blue can and do pop into the house through the cat door as often as they like. So, heat or no heat, they are anxious to have access restored.

All the kitties and I are thankful for your support, following and friendship.

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