Thankful Thursday

Hi everybody,

I cannot begin to tell you how happy I am to be home again, as that remains to be seen. To be honest, I am pretty darn mad at my mom for grabbing me, stuffing me in her t-shirt, smothering me with a towel and then cramming me in a PTU. In all fairness, I did allow her to catch me, but there was no way I wasn’t going to present her with the challenge of her life or the injuries to go along with it.

I guess I should apologize to her [Dad too for #s 1 and 2] for 1) running away, 2) the 24 sleepless nights and endless days searching for me and 3) biting, scratching and gouging the heck out of her when she grabbed me. There was blood everywhere, and I was screaming as if I was being dismembered without an anesthetic!

Honestly, I have no idea how I wandered so far from home, but I was ready to come home. That is why I finally let people see me.

Mom says that she kept asking all the Kitties Blue angels to keep a lookout for me. I can only guess that is what drew me to the house where I was eventually found. It is almost a mile from home and the exact house where the very first of the Kitties Blue, Skooter, was born and from where Mom Janet and Dad Tom adopted him. That can’t be a coincidence.

Since arriving home, I have been in a collapsible kitty condo. First, I was in the bathroom, then on the catio and then in the bedroom where I remained until being stuffed in a different PTU this morning for my trip to the vet.


Napping in my PTU in the car while waiting to see the vet.


Health Report

I have to admit the constant availability of food at home has been pretty darn nice, even the portions with my yucky medicine in it. And I plan to eat a lot of food and treats. I weighed in at only 6.9 pounds at the vet this morning. At my last vet weigh-in in April, I weighed 8.2 pounds.

I pretty much got a clean bill of health. My ears are clean, my gums are pink and healthy. No fleas, ticks, cuts, bruises or abrasions were found. I do have a very faint heart murmur, which I never had before. It may be due to stress, according to the vet.

As usual, I was my angel self in the car. I didn’t make even the tiniest sound, but I did retain my title of PTU Pooper!

Home Again

Right now I am napping in my dad’s chair in the bedroom after exploring the house a tiny bit. I had no idea adventuring could be such hard work.



There’s a rumor spreading through the house that my collar, which I managed to keep on me during my entire adventure, is being replaced with one with a tracker in it. As I am grounded for life, I am not certain why I need that, but after all the effort my humans put into finding me, I guess I owe them that peace of mind.

Mom plans to write a post detailing everything she and Dad did in their efforts to bring me home. She thinks it might be helpful to others with pets that decide an adventure might be just what they need to spice up their lives a bit.

In conclusion, I truly appreciate every one who prayed for me to be found and safely returned home. I am particularly appreciative to those who supported and encouraged Mom and Dad throughout their efforts.

Mom says I will be back here Sunday, as I owe everyone a nice selfie.

With thanks, purrs and paw-pats, Sawyer