Sunday Selfies: Week #281

Just like me, this post is going to be short.

Mom was searching through all of her and our dad’s photos from this past week checking to see if any of us had taken a selfie. We hadn’t, and she was lamenting. A few minutes later, Dad brought her this photo (minus the holly leaves and berries). I decided to be a good guy and help her out. I sort of figured I owed her (and Dad as well) for waking them up at 5 a.m.

If you read our post yesterday, you saw that I helped Mom with fill-ins. I stated that my goals for 2020 are to have fewer seizures and get more treats. I thought I may have jinxed myself, as I woke them up to a seizure. It was just 5 1/2 days since my last one. Then I realized that it is still 2019, so my goals for this coming year have not changed.

Well that certainly was a lot of preamble for what is supposed to be a short post. So, here is my photo for this week.



I am excited to see your selfies today. They will be the last for 2019, so make them great.

Before I turn this post over to all of you, Mom needs me to make an announcement.

BellaDharma Hacked!

My mom received a phone call last night from BellaDharma’s mom, LadyMew (Sherri-Ellen). She reported that her computer was hacked on the 22nd, so they are off-line and unable to post or receive and send e-mails. If you have received an e-mail from Sherri-Ellen since the 22nd, don’t open it and definitely don’t click on any links that it might contain. She is in the process of having her computer “wiped” and hopes to be back on-line by Tuesday.

Let’s Hop


Allrighty then…time to post your selfie for all to see. Kitties Blue and our mom thank everyone who follows, reads, comments on and supports The Cat on My Head! We truly appreciate you.

Purrs and paw-pats, Sawyer