I am imprisoned currently at the Emergency Vet after spending most of Friday at our vet’s office. I had my worst seizure ever Friday morning. Even the nice new vet, Dr. Raja, (Dr. Neel wasn’t working.) couldn’t get it to stop after giving me enough meds to drop a Great Dane in its tracks. I finally had to be intubated and sedated with propofol.

When Mom and Dad picked me up to transport me to the emergency vet for observation overnight, I still was pretty much sedated. Because of this, no one knows yet how well I will recover. My temperature spiked to 106 degrees F., and so I could have brain or organ damage. When Mom checked on me at 11 p.m. I had peed and eaten a little but was sleeping again.

As long as I do not have another seizure, I should be able to come home today.

I’d like to thank everyone who replied to Dad Tom’s Facebook post and is already praying for me and sending POTP. I also appreciate Cathy Keisha’s sharing my dad’s post on Cats With Blogs and want to thank those who have responded there.

Caturday Art

Due to the circumstances of yesterday, Mom didn’t have any opportunity to create some art. So I’m sharing one of the pictures she colored using the Happy Color app.



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A Sunday Selfies Anniversary

Tomorrow, along with our usual Sunday Selfies blog hop, we will be celebrating Astrid and Kitty Cat Chronicles‘ Sampson’s third wedding anniversary. So, even if you normally do not join us for the hop, all the Kitties Blue hope you will stop by for another party.

Purrs and paw-pats, Sawyer