Sunday Selfies: Week #330




I took my selfie a couple of weeks ago on my Gotcha Day. We were having some unseasonably warm weather, and I was on the catio. This definitely is one of my best ever selfies, as I wasn’t being a grumpy puss. I actually don’t get grumpy very often now.

Do you think my girlfriend Noelle will like this? My paws are crossed that she does.

Anyhoo, now that you have seen my selfie, please share yours with all of us as well as your friends and admirers. Remember, we are here through Thursday, and you don’t even have to post today to join. I fancied my selfie up with a holiday border, but that’s not a requirement to participate.

Looking Ahead

We have an exciting week coming up. We’ll have a review of a new cat tree, and you won’t want to miss “The Adventures of Periwinkle & Stinky” on Tuesday.

In the meantime, have a terrific easy Sunday and make certain your humans stay home and safe. This nasty pandemic isn’t going away anytime soon.