Sunday Selfies: Week #315

Sunday Selfies continues. Twenty-nine readers completed our survey last weekend wherein I asked your preferences with regard to the continuation of our blog hop. I reported on the results yesterday, but in case you missed that post, here is the information. An overwhelming majority (93.10 %) voted for Sunday Selfies to go forward, and 83.77 % voted to continue with posting every Sunday. So that’s what Kitties Blue and I will be doing for the foreseeable future.

A sleepy Sawyer is here today as your host.


Sunday Selfies


Sawyer had a tough day yesterday. He had three major seizures and hopes you can forgive him for being barely awake. He has had two seizures on the same day a couple of times but never three until today. Kitties Blue, Dad Tom and I are aware that everyone who knows Sawyer prays for him. If you can add a few extra prayers, however, we would all be greatly appreciative.

Hopping Time

I am keeping this short today and inviting you to hop now. You don’t have to post on Sunday to join us. The hop remains open through Thursday. If you can display our badge on your post, that would be terrific but not necessary.


We look forward to seeing your cute and smiling faces here. Thank you for being friends, followers and supporters.