Sawyer seizure


Dad Tom and I thank everyone who has sent purrs, prayers and POTP for our little fellow, Sawyer.

Right now Sawyer remains hospitalized. He is being treated by a wonderful veterinarian, Dr. Maureen Noftsinger. She is the vet who saved Lily Olivia’s life after she was hit by a car. If you do not know about that incident, you can read about it here, “Lily Olivia is a Survivor.”

Dad Tom and I visited Sawyer yesterday afternoon. I held him and talked to him for a long time. He seemed content in my arms. He was responsive but quiet…definitely not his usual “piss and vinegar” self. He was agitated by a noisy dog in the waiting room and other noises.

Our regular vet, Dr. Kathryn Neel, is out of town, but I had a 20-minute conversation with her by telephone. At the conclusion of that, Dad Tom and I decided not to take Sawyer to the vet school at Virginia Tech for additional evaluation. It is cost prohibitive and findings would not change his treatment plan. A third medication (Keppra) will be added to the two (phenobarbital and Zonisimide) he is already taking. The Keppra needs to be formulated for him, and Dr. Noftsinger doesn’t want to send him home until she can get him on it and observe him. We are hoping he can start on that today. 

Dr. Noftsinger doesn’t think that Sawyer suffered any permanent or significant brain damage, but based on his level of activity when we saw him, I think it’s a bit too soon to make that determination. 
We will visit him again today with the hope of bringing him home today or tomorrow.
I will continue to post updates here. Thanks again for the support, purrs, prayers and POTP. We are sincerely grateful.