For years and years, the kitties living at our house begged the humans for a cat door. Mom always refused as she wanted to know who was in and who was out. As the older kitties went to the RB, we younger kitties were not given outdoor privileges, and the demand was tabled for lack of need. But then…the humans screened in the lower deck so the youngsters could have a catio and spend time outside like the older cats.

The catio required an exterior screen door. That meant Mom had to open two doors whenever Lily, Mauricio or Misty May wanted to go out. And so, voila, an electronic cat door for Lily, Mauricio and Misty May was installed in the exterior screen door. You see, Mom still had control. She had to open the door from the kitchen to the catio before they could use their special door. (Lily has never used the electronic door; though, she has the capability. She demands personal service in and out the front door.)

Once the five youngest of us became addicted to the catio, we took up lobbying for a cat door of our own. Mom still didn’t budge. Until…get ready for it…she got tired of spending the entire day between our breakfast and dinner times opening the door for us to go onto the catio and come back into the house. So, it became more convenient for her if we got a cat door.

You weren’t surprised, were you? We weren’t! But, we didn’t care. Just before Christmas, we got our cat door. Of course, with some of these terribly cold days, the door remains locked causing Giulietta to just about put herself into a coma by continually head-butting the door in an attempt to get out. However, if warm enough outside, Mom or Dad will unlock it sometime during the day and lock it at dinner time.

Not all of us have it totally figured out yet. Mauricio sometimes waits to hear a click like the electronic door makes. This one, of course, doesn’t do that. Within a short time he realizes he just has to push it.

Lisbeth, on the inside, tries to keep Fiona, on the outside, from entering.

Lisbeth, on the inside, tries to keep Fiona, on the outside, from entering.

Lisbeth was the first to master the proper technique followed by Giulietta, Calista and Fiona. Misty May, of course, never had a problem. We know neither Astrid, who doesn’t go out that much, nor Lily Olivia have used it.

As expected, some misuse has occurred. Often we refuse to push the door hard enough for it to open. If Mom is around, she will hold it open for us. (Score…we can still get her to wait on us!) Lisbeth delights in being a tease. She will push the door out when another of us, usually Fiona, is trying to push it in. We’re sure she is laughing at us behind her paw.

But we don’t care. Cats win! That’s all that’s impawtant! Well that and totally confusing Mom by going out the kitchen door, running upstairs, coming in through the cat door, running back downstairs and asking to go outside again. Meyowl…that is fun!

Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo