Sunday Selfies: Week #105

As we embark on year three of this blog hop, I am honored to be your host. Though I co-hosted last week with Calista Jo, Mom said I could do it again this week all by myself. I took my selfie at the veterinarian’s office on Friday.


Sad Selfie


I am sorry I didn’t look at the phone when I snapped the photo. I was feeling a bit sad. Though not a selfie, here’s a better photo. Out veterinarian always has a nice snuggly blanket on the table for me and my name on the whiteboard.

 Sad selfie.


I know many of you are waiting to hear about my appointment with Dr. Neel. Mom, Dad and Dr. Neel were all optimistic when I weighed in at 6 pounds, 14 ounces. That’s not my best weight since I’ve been sick, but it is four ounces more than last month.

I had my blood drawn and my claws trimmed, and then came the wait for my results. It is with great sadness that I let you know the results were not good. My BUN is 135. That’s the highest it has been since my original CKD diagnosis this past December when it was 157. All my other values are really crappy as well, and I am now anemic.

With these results, Dr. Neel told us I need to have fluids one additional day per week. Mom also has decided to order Kidney Support Gold by Pet Wellbeing and see if that will help me. If anyone has experience with this, please let us know.

I am certain I would be doing better if I would eat any of the foods specially formulated for kitties with CKD. But I just DO NOT like it. I have tried many types, and I rather not eat if that is all I am offered. Consequently, I am eating food with too much phosphorous.

Mom and Dad, Dr. Neel and I discussed how I was doing overall. In spite of the numbers, we all came to the same conclusion: I still have a good quality of life and do not seem to be suffering in any way or in any kind of pain so we will continue treatment. Darn right we will. I’m not ready for any stupid angel wings. So purrlease keep those purrs and prayers and POTP coming. I truly need all the help I can get.

Cat4-001Now…are you ready to take those selfies and hop? We had a terrific turnout last Sunday as we closed out two years of Sunday Selfies with 59 pawticipants. Let’s start out year three equally well. I think Kitties Blue visited all but a few of last week’s entrants. If we didn’t get to your blog last Sunday, we promise to do so this week.

The link to join the hop is below as is the code to include the hop on your blog. If you do this, purrlease link back to The Cat on My Head and/or display our badge. That would make all the Kitties Blue do a happy dance. If you have trouble adding your link, let us know in the comments. Mom will add it for you.

Thanks for being good friends, hopping with us and praying for me.

Purrs and paw-pats, Fiona