Thoroughly Poetic Thursday

We seem to be cruising right through the alphabet again and are up to “R” as our prompt letter for this week’s poem. Poet extraordinaire and host of Thoroughly Poetic Thursday along with brother Teddy, Angel Sammy gave us some suggestions for poem subjects as well. They are: 1) Rain, 2) Run, 3) Ruin and 4) Rabbit. Hard…right? So, as often happens, we went our own way. This week we handed the task off to Mom and told her to write about whatever she wanted. Who knew she’d choose Lily Olivia. We can’t think of anything Lily’s done to deserve this honor…except for getting old. From the look of this poem, it appears that’s what Mom was thinking as well.

To read Sammy’s poem (transmitted each week from the Rainbow Bridge) or find links to other poems, click on his badge. You will be magically whisked away to Two Spoiled Cats.

But enough of our blathering. Take it away, Mom.


Do you remember when you were a tiny cat?
You followed me home and that was that.
Brothers Sebastian, Parker and Winston came too,
But they didn’t stay…this home was only for you.
You joined a family different from today’s.
You were on the bottom with dues to pay.
Now you’re the top cat…have been so for some time.
Unfortunately, however, you’re no longer in your prime.
Where once you might have wanted to run and play,
Now you are content to snooze the day away.
But you still have plenty of spunk and catitude
And a huge appetite for nommy treats and food.

We almost lost you when you were just four.
I found you cowering outside the back door.
You were bloodied and broken and gave me a fright,
But to survive your injuries, you never gave up the fight.
Now you are a few months from turning nineteen
And rightly are considered the Kitties Blue queen.
Some days you drive me crazy with constant complaints,
Then I remind myself…you’re a calico, not a saint!
Whatever you do at your age is totally okay with me.
I just want more time with you in our kitty family.
I’ll always remember you following me home as a tiny cat.
You leapt into my heart and that was that!

© Janet Buickerood Blue 10/11/2017

If you don’t know Lily Olivia’s story, check out this post: “Lily Olivia is a Survivor.” And you can read another poem about her in the post, “Lily Olivia has Calico Catitude.”


Lily Olivia lounging in shark bed.


It is a miracle that Lily Olivia is with us today. She can drive me crazy with her constant caterwauling when it’s time to eat or when she stares at me while I sleep, but I am grateful everyday that she is here to keep me on my toes. And with that, we are joining Brian’s Thankful Thursday blog hop. To join, click on his badge.