Link UpDate: Our link is now open and ready for you to add your selfies. Sorry for the earlier glitch. Please join me now. Purrs, Lisbeth

Sunday Selfies: Week #67

One would think by now I would have learned how to take a decent selfie. But I really don’t like to take them and am always less than cooperative. I am sorry to inflict this week’s blurry bunch on you. I refused to sit still or look at the camera. I snapped these as quickly as possible and then went upstairs for a nap.


Lisbeth's Rainbow selfies


In an attempt to obscure the poor photo quality, Mom tried fancying this up in piZap with a rainbow of colors and some flowers. I don’t think it helped much. The photos are still crummy!

Did you have better luck with your selfies? Maybe we should get my mom to have a worst selfie contest and give a prize for the lousiest photo. What do y’all think?

We are pretty happy that we visited everybody who entered the hop last week. We’ll do our best to do the same this week.

Cat4-001As we write this, Linky Tools (the app we use for our blog hop) is off-line. That means last week’s entries are missing from our post. So, we cannot tell you how many entries we had, what kind of cool animal PepiSmartDog shared with us, or if we had any other unusual participants.

If Mom wasn’t a lazy bum she could check out PepiSmartDog’s blog post from last Sunday to find out. She says she’s tired of checking Linky Tools every few minutes and is not in a sleuthing mood. Pffft! Say it with me, “Lazy bum, lazy bum, lazy bun, bum, bum!” Pffft!

The worst part of this is that we can’t have our blog hop right now. As soon as Linky Tools is back on-line, we will add it to this post so you can participate in Sunday Selfies #67.

Our Giveaway for Catify to Satisfy

Jackson GalaxyOn Friday Mom posted Part 2 of her interview with cat behaviorist and Animal Planet star, Jackson Galaxy. She also reviewed his and Kate Benjamin’s new book, Catify to Satisfy. If you would like to have the opportunity to win a copy of this must have book, leave a comment here.

Purrs and paw-pats, Lisbeth