Lisbeth has been practicing her selfies since her last less-than-successful outing. She has now declared herself “Queen of the Selfies.” I will let you be the judges. I know Cat Scout Charles will love them.

Lisbeth Queen of the Selfies


This is a Blog Hop. Really hope you will decide to join Queen Lisbeth. I have been thinking that if some of you have kitties or woofies or buns, or…whatever, for which you are trying to find homes, this might be a good way to get them some extra attention.

I also wanted to offer a tip on how my kitties do their selfies. We use the cell phone with the screen facing them. They put their faces wherever they like, and I click the shutter for them. This does make for quite a few deleted photos. In fact, Lisbeth took 25 photos of herself to get these three! But that’s part of the fun. So give it a try and join us today.