What a fine time we all had on Valentine’s Day. The Queen of Hearts Dance at Madi’s was hoppin’ and rockin’ with all our furiends lookin’ fancy and fine. With that said, we’ve decided to flip things around and not save the best for last with the announcement of our “cutest couple.”  Each of us and our dates got at least one vote, but the paws-down favorite wasn’t a couple at all, but a threesome.

As promised, Mom will be getting a tunnel for Fiona and Giulietta. Their date, the dashing Spitty, will be contacted by Mom to see what his heart desires for a prize. Since he’s been under the weather, we think he should have exactly what he wants and not something we select for him.

If you have forgotten how pawsome the three of them looked, here’s their photo again. The stunning corsages were given to the girls by Spitty himself.


A flower for Lisbeth | Texas, a cat in... AustinLisbeth received some beautiful flowers to go with her purple dress from her date, Texas (Texas, A Cat in New York Austin), and she wanted to share them here as she wasn’t able to show them to you prior to the dance.

Allie and Mauricio, having a little more time to plan, pawticipated in most of the festivities of the day. First was the Love Messenger, and we are presenting those here just as they were on the day, with Mau’s lovely lady first, of course!

Allie: Her has a very special “Love Message” fur da mancat in her life Mauricio or as her affectionally refers to him….Mau!

Happy Valentines day to Mau,

I am the luckiest Ladycat in the world to have such a smart and handsome boyfriend!!  I am so glad we found each other. You’re a pawsome Cat Scout and a purrfect ManCat!  

Nose-kisses and Smoochies, Your girlfriend, Allie


Now do you thinks dat da handsome Mau would furgets his beOOtiful Allie? Of course him wouldn’t! Just look at da luv in his eyes, him is sure one happy kitteh! Here is HIS most romantical “Love Message” to her… Courtesy of da “Love Messenger.”

My dearest Allie,

You have filled my heart with love for you through your sweetness, goodness, thoughtfulness, kindness and extreme beauty. I never expected to have a girlfriend, and had I thought I might, I never could have imagined she would be the most lovely girl kitty in the whole world. You have turned me into a kinder, gentler and nicer cat.

With love and bunches of smoochies from your most ardent admirer and boyfriend, Mau

Sigh…what a beOOtiful kitteh couple dey makes! 

They also had fun pinning a heart on Joe from Margs Animals.

Allie: Oh Mauricio, I am having a wonderful time.
Mau: Allie that donkey is staring at your badonkadonk.

Finally, it was off to the kissing booth where they agreed only to kiss each other.

And thanks to their friend Nibbler from Cat Scouts, they each had a special Valentine made for the other.

Mau's Valentine for Allie

Mau’s Valentine for Allie


Allie's Valentine for Mau

Allie’s Valentine for Mau









Allie also sent Mauricio a special Valentine’s gift. He had planned to tell you all about it tomorrow, but Mom says she wants to tell you about Audrey, the kitty they transported on Sunday. So watch for Mau’s post on “Thankful Thursday.”

Purrs and paw-pats, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo