Sunday Selfies: Week #420

C.J. is pretty proud of her purrfect profile selfie and so couldn’t wait to volunteer to be your host today.


Purrfect Profile Selfie of a dilute tortoise shell (tortie) cat.


I’ll admit it: She did a terrific job! And I’m always happy to have a volunteer for hosting duties. Coercion really isn’t that much fun.

C.J. and I have absolutely nothing else to share with you today. We are just waiting until midnight to post this and join our own hop.

Hopping Time

Whether or not you have any news to share today, we do hope you’ll share a selfie. After all, it is one and done and you can return to your usual easy Sunday. And you don’t even need to join today. We accept hop submissions through Thursday. If you stayed up cavorting Saturday night and are looking a bit disheveled and feeling under the weather, wait until you get yourself spruced up and then join in the fun.

Please invite some of your friends along as well. All animals are welcome regardless of species.

We truly appreciate you following, supporting and befriending us. This is a wonderful and caring community, to which we are honored to belong.