When I asked Astrid if she wanted to be the subject of this week’s Caturday Art, she readily agreed but with two requests. She asked that I use her favorite color, purple, and include some bling. She felt that since Misty May got bling on her Sunday Selfie a couple of weeks ago, she should have some as well. Both seemed like pretty reasonable requests. Even if they hadn’t been, I cannot deny her anything. She’s just too cute and precious.

So here is Astrid in purple with pink bling. I like our art this week and so does she. That, of course, is what’s most important.


pink and purple


purple and pinkI used Picasa to create our art, except for the bling, which I added using PhotoFaceFun. I made this a few days ago and don’t remember what effects I actually used to create it. On the right is the original photo of Astrid. It’s blurry, overlit and orangey looking. I was disappointed with the original and like the arty photo much better as does Astrid.

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Are you ready for Sunday Selfies tomorrow? Misty May is doing the honors for us again tomorrow and will be your host. Mom has noticed that lots of you who used to join our blog hop are still doing Sunday Selfies but not linking them to the hop. We all hope you will decide to rejoin us. Anytime you have difficulty in linking, leave us a comment. I’ll do my best to enter it for you.


Kitties Blue and I are still trying to get to all your blogs from last week. If we haven’t dropped by yet, please don’t give up on us. Both Astrid and Lisbeth are so appreciative for all the birthday greetings and cards they received last week. You are all such great friends and supporters. Thank you!