Caturday Art


Misty May's Abstracta Caturday Art.


Misty May has been taking advantage of our warmer weather by napping on the front porch. She didn’t even notice when Dad Tom took her photo. To convert the photo into art, I used Painnt and PicMonkey and a second photo taken by Dad Tom as an overlay.

This is my entry in Athena Cat Goddess Wise Kitty’s Caturday Blog Hop. To visit her page and find links to other art, click her badge.

These are the originals.


To create this week’s art I started with the Abstracta filter in Painnt. I then changed the hue of the photo, added the grain merge from Color Composition, bumped up the brightness and added Lomo from the Coloring selection. I took that photo to PicMonkey and overlaid Tom’s photo of our azaleas and added the scalloped border.

Sunday Selfies

Astrid will be here as your host for our blog hop tomorrow. As it is Mother’s Day, we know you may be busy lavishing your mom with love, purrs and head bonks. But Astrid is hoping you’ll take a few minutes to snap a selfie and join us. If you’d like to share your selfie with your mom, that would be cool but not necessary.

Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow.


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