Sunday Selfies: Week #167

Our mom was reeling with incredulity when three of us came forward and volunteered to take selfies for today’s post. Of course, she selected the ones I took. After all I am the cutest! She has saved the others in her Sunday Selfies folder for future posts.



I wish someone would tell her that Halloween is still 10 days away. I would have liked a nice pastel frame to show off my magnificent tortieness, but alas, I am at her mercy when it comes to how my photos are displayed. I’ve heard a rumor that I may find Halloween particularly distasteful this year, and I have seen why. Mom has purchased an actual tortie-sized Halloween costume that she thinks she’s going to convince me to wear. I think some zombie must have eaten her brain, as that ain’t ever going to happen.

All of us Kitties Blue already have our virtual costumes and are ready for Angel Sammy and Teddy’s Teaser Halloween Party (Two Spoiled Cats). So obviously, I do not need a real costume. I will keep you up-to-date on what is certain to be a fiasco.

Before asking you to hop, my brofurs, sisfurs and I would like to remember and honor a beautiful lady. Brian’s sisfur, Sascha, who had been ill for quite a while, received her wings on Friday.

Remembering Sascha



Sascha was having health issues for quite sometime, especially during the past month. She even had to spend several days in the hospital. She was fortunate to be able to come home to celebrate her Gotcha Day on October 9. Sascha will be missed by all of us and so many others. We are fairly certain most of you have visited Sascha’s family and left your condolences. But if not, you can click on her photo to visit Brian’s Home. We are sending purrs, prayers, love and our sympathy to the entire family.

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With purrs and paw-pats, Astrid