Thoroughly Poetic Thursday




For Fiona

It seems like only yesterday…
You were just a kitten.
When I saw your pleading look,
I was completely smitten.

Now at only six years old,
You are getting ready to leave,
Soon you will have your wings.
I’ve already started to grieve.

You’ve fought hard for the past year,
And I’m not ready to say good-bye.
I can’t imagine you not in my life
I am so sad…today I had to cry.

I am grateful and blessed
For my six years with you.
You’ll live in my heart forever.
You’re one of the best ever Kitties Blue.

© Janet Buickerood Blue 11/30/2016

I love you, Fiona.

So if you haven’t figured it out, Fiona is failing. She will not return to see Dr. Neel unless a crisis occurs. Her BUN was 180 and her phosphorous 20 on Tuesday. But the worst news was that she’d lost an entire pound. She now weighs only 4.9 pounds. I won’t give up hope that she might rally, but it doesn’t seem likely.

Dr. Neel and I were crying as Dad Tom and I left the vet on Tuesday. Fiona is beloved by everyone at our veterinary hospital.

Thank you everyone for all the purrs, prayers, POTP and well wishes you have sent to Fiona during the past eleven months. I know that has given her the courage and strength to soldier on. She may be tiny, but that hasn’t stopped her from fighting.

We are joining Brian’s Thankful Thursday Blog Hop as well as Sammy’s Thoroughly Poetic Thursday. Today’s prompt letter was “Y.”




Tomorrow we will be participating in Come Fly with Me for Sammy and in honor of Easy who unexpectedly received his wings yesterday.




As you know, Sammy is the host of the ever popular Tuesday Teaser. But instead of  Sammy trying to tease us, everyone who wants to participate needs to select someplace in their city, state, country they think Sammy might like to visit. Just include a photo of the location with a description and add your link to the hop at Dory’s Backyard.

The badge above gives you all the info you need. And, if you want to post prior to Friday, the link is already open HERE.

If you have not had the opportunity to stop be Easy’s blog and leave your condolences, the link is above.


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