Thoroughly Poetic Thursday

Each week we try to write a poem based on an inspiration photo provided by Mom Pam at Two Spoiled Cats.

This photo said so much on it’s own, I didn’t feel it necessary to expend a lot of words trying to describe it. That’s why my poem this week is a senryu of few words.


Lines tell the story
Each wrinkle marking a path
Revealing true age


Angel Sammy sends his poem from the Rainbow Bridge. Each is a masterpiece. They are not to be missed. So even if you do not participate by writing a poem, please click on the poetry badge to pop over to Two Spoiled Cats.

Allie’s Birthday Comment-a-thon

I’ve tallied the number of comments from our Sunday Selfies post celebrating Allie’s 16th birthday and those from Allie’s birthday post at Friends Furever. First thing this morning I will be making a donation in the amount of $105 to Friends for Animals Sanctuary in Brevard County, Florida. Allie selected this recipient, as her little sister, Noelle, was adopted from Friends for Animals in December.

Thankful Thursday

I’d like to thank everyone who visited the two Sunday Selfie blogs and left comments. You are the ones who made it possible for me to make the significant donation to Friends for Animals Sanctuary.

The above is one of our thankfuls for this week. Kitties Blue are spoiled rotten and have more than they need. It makes me happy when they can pay it forward.

Our other thankful this week is getting another “correct guesser” badge from Teddy and Angel Sammy for knowing the locale of this week’s Tuesday Teaser. We weren’t first. That honor went to Timmy Tomcat. And it was a bit easier than usual, as Dad Tom and I actually have visited the city—Athens, Greece.

Thankful Thursday is a blog hop hosted by Brian. To join in, click on his badge and let him know in a comment for what you are thankful.