Prayers PleaseLast night a little after 9 p.m., Sawyer started seizing.  It was the third Wednesday in a row with him having a seizure. After about five to ten minutes, it was evident that the seizure was not going to stop. A quick phone call to the emergency vet and we were on the road.

He was given valium as soon as we arrived, which stopped the seizure. By that time it had been going on for about 50 minutes. His temperature was 106 degrees at that point. We had to leave him at the hospital, where he is getting fluids and has a cooling blanket too bring his temperature down. He is on seizure watch, so valium can be administered immediately should he begin to seize.

When we left to come home, Sawyer was mildly responsive but mostly “out of it” from exhaustion and the valium. We hated leaving him, but if anything happens, we will get an immediate phone call. This is the same Emergency Vet where Lily Olivia’s life was saved, and we do trust them totally.

Our biggest fear right now is brain damage from the high fever and duration of the seizure.

If you can send some prayers and POTP his way, we would all be grateful.

I had planned to participate in the Thankful Thursday blog hop and had written a poem for Thoroughly Poetic Thursday, but I will post those things later in the day or tomorrow.

Thanks for your support.