Sunday Selfies: Week #459 – Remembering Raz

This is not our usual Sunday Selfies, as one of the Kitties Blue will not be here to host the hop. Instead, we are using this opportunity to remember our dear friend, Raz. On Friday afternoon at 4:15, our wonderful friend, Raz, became an angel and flew off to the Rainbow Bridge.  Raz had been ailing for several months. Nonetheless, we hoped he wouldn’t make his trip to the Bridge anytime soon.

As you know, we consider Raz family. Our angel Mau was married to Raz’s sisfur, angel Allie, Sawyer is his sisfur Noelle’s, boyfriend. And the alter-egos of Sawyer and Noelle, Stinky and Periwinkle, adventure together every week.

Sawyer and Raz have always been two peas in a pod. Both are charter members in the PTU Poopers Club and obobsessed with treats. He especially will miss their connection.

One of the things we will miss most about Raz was his quizzical, wide-eyed expression. I have made a couple of collages, and I think you’ll see what I mean.


Collage of photos of a grey/brown tabby cat.


Collage of grey/brown tabby cat.


Raz was a wonderful brofur to his fursibs past and present. He had a great girlfriend Madi, who I am certain was one of those who was there to meet him at the Bridge, along with so many friends, including our Mau, as well as family members.

Cat Scout Raz

I think most of you know that Raz was a Cat Scout. But not just any Scout, an exemplary and accomplishment Scout. He earned the highest honors available, including Cat Scout of the Year, the rank of Sabertooth and membership in the Clan of the Cave Cat. Raz also was Leader of the Rumbling Thunder Patrol and Assistant Leader of the Worldwide Wildcats Troop. He was loved and respected by all the other Cat Scouts.

Raz left paw prints on so many hearts, including mine. I will always love and remember him, as will so many others. All the Kitties Blue and I are sending love, prayers and hugs to Mom Sharon as well as fursibs, Noelle and Reesie.

If you have not visited Friends Furever and left your condolences, you can do so by clicking on the link.

Hopping Time

Kitties Blue hope you will forgive them for not posting a selfie of one of themselves this week. And they also hope you will, nonetheless, post one of yourself. They always look forward to seeing your happy and adorable faces.

Thank you for joining us today whether or not you post a selfie.

We will be back tomorrow with a Spark.