Thoroughly Poetic Thursday

Today Mauricio has taken over the responsibility of writing our poem for Angel Sammy and Teddy’s poetry day at Two Spoiled Cats.

This is the inspiration photo with some minor editing by Mauricio.


Allie & Mau - Cat Scouts Paw in Paw


And here is his poem.

 Paw in Paw

Opulence and warmth, so inviting
Allie and I will enjoy it together,
As we make our way across country.
The two of us paw in paw…each stop
A new adventure and discovery,
Each evening a gourmet repast,
As we gaze upon the passing scenery:
Cities, farmlands, mountains and lakes.
The beauty of our country laid out before us
To admire before retiring and allowing
The gentle rocking upon the tracks
Lull us into a restful sleep until
We rise the next day to do it all again.

© Mauricio Blue 08/01/2018

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Thankful Thursday

We are all thankful to be having some rain and a bit of cooler weather; though, Mom keeps complaining about the humidity.

Mau and Cooper Murphy are grateful and delighted to have passed their three exams from the first two days of Summer School at Cat Scouts. They each earned these three badges.









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