Thoroughly Poetic Thursday

Cooper Murphy is taking over the responsibility of writing a poem for Two Spoiled Cats’ poetry day. This is the inspiration photo Mom Pam selected (with a minor alteration). After yesterday’s Wordless Wednesday post, I believe I am beginning to see a trend and reason for why Cooper Murphy is fat husky.


Cooper Murphy at the carnival.


The Carnival is a Party in Your Tummy

When I go to the carnival,
I head straight for the food…
Candy apples, kettle corn and soda,
Peanuts, cotton candy and funnel cakes.
When it comes to those,
I can never put on the brakes.

Rides are fun if you don’t get dizzy or hurl,
But the games are all rigged.
You’ll never win that stuffed squirrel.
Though, you might win a baby chick
Or perhaps a goldfish in a plastic bag;
I’d rather have something nommy on a stick.

So I say, “Spend your dough on delicious noms.”
Polish sausage and corn on the cob
Chocolate-dipped, frozen nanners and ice cream
Saltwater taffy is always yummy
As are pretzels, snow cones and fried Twinkies.
The carnival is a party in your tummy.

© Cooper Murphy Blue 07/11/2018

When I was a youngster, my mom and I would always go to the County Fair every September. The variety of foods was not what it is today. I would always get cotton candy and a candy apple. Mom would get polish sausage and a beer.

My mom was great at games. The best thing she ever won for me was a standard-sized, white, stuffed poodle. Lots of gold fish came home with us through the years as well as two adorable baby chicks. I grew quite attached to those chickens. When they got too big for us to care for, my dad took them to a friend with a farm. I got to visit them one time. The next time my dad took me to visit, I found out my little chickens had grown up and been eaten. That still makes me sad.

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Thankful Thursday

Sawyer has not escaped in four days, and he is almost two months seizure free. The escapes have been shut down with a third roll of screening added to the upper deck. And the pentobarbital is working to control his seizures. I am truly grateful for both of these things, as they give me a little peace of mind.

We also won a First Commenter badge from Two Spoiled Cats’ Tuesday Teaser.  Three others also were first commenters, but we’re good with that.

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