Many of you have asked to see photos from Paris. As you might expect, I have so many I would like to share that I cannot put them all in one post. My current plan is to do three to four posts spread over the next few weeks. All photos are identified at the end of the post. And all photos were taken by the photographer in the family, Tom, unless otherwise indicated. I hope you enjoy this first look at our trip.






1. (L) Stained glass – Notre Dame; 2. (R) Hall of Mirrors – Versaille
3. Winter Garden – Versaille
4. (L) The Kiss (my all-time favorite sculpture) by Auguste Rodin; 5. The Gates of Hell by Auguste Rodin
6. Dining room (looking out through one of the exterior clock faces) – Musee D’Orsay

In a future post, I will include some of the differences between Paris now and the Paris I visited in 1965.